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Intensive Care Unit
| Medical-Surgical Unit | Psychiatric Unit | Support Services

Intensive Care Unit

The St.Charles Parish Hospital Intensive Care Unit is an eight-bed unit dedicated to providing the most advanced care for adult patients requiring critical care and continuous observation.

The unit showcases the newest technology in patient care including the Hill-Rom Latitude™ Arm System which allows physicians and nurses easy and unobstructed access to patients and the ability to provide treatments for patients with special needs from virtually any angle or position.

Our critical care equipment and patient monitoring systems are among the most technologically advanced today enabling our physicians and nurses to effectively diagnose and treat life-threatening situations.

Our physicians and nursing staff have extensive critical care training and experience to meet the specialized needs of the ICU patient. A multidisciplinary approach including professionals from Respiratory, Nutrition, Rehab and Pharmacy is utilized to meet the comprehensive needs of our patients.

Intensive Care Room

Viasis_Vent Viasis Ventilator

Medical Surgical Unit

The 31-bed Medical-Surgical Unit of St. Charles Parish Hospital, located on the second floor of the David J. Vial, M.D. Patient Care Centré, is experienced in providing acute care for the pediatric through geriatric patient populations with a variety of diagnoses.  All rooms are private with spacious bathrooms and personal showers, as well as the latest technology for patient monitoring.  All beds throughout the second floor are the latest Hill-Rom beds.  These beds offer the utmost in patient comfort and care to deliver optimal wound care, improved patient and caregiver safety, as well as improve clinical outcomes.  Rooms for bariatric patients are even more spacious, and furniture, bathrooms and beds have been chosen specifically for their needs.  

Under the direction of the admitting physician, a registered nurse coordinates the overall care of each patient. A multidisciplinary team approach to patient care is utilized. The team consists of physicians, nurses and support services including Respiratory, Rehab, Pharmacy, Food and Nutrition, Lab, Imaging Services and a Case Manager/Discharge Planning Registered Nurse.

On our Medical-Surgical Unit, we’re more than a place of healing, we’re a place of caring. Our staff loves what they do, because for them there’s nothing more rewarding than helping their patients feel like themselves again.

Medical-Surgical Patient Room



Adult Behavioral Health Inpatient Unit

St. Charles Parish Hospital has the only dedicated behavioral health unit for adults in the area with a primary psychiatric diagnosis in need of a secure, therapeutic environment. Our program utilizes a multidisciplinary approach directed by a psychiatrist to provide quality patient care. The program begins with psychiatric, nursing, social and physical assessments resulting in an individualized treatment plan. Our psychiatric team including social, nutrition and pharmacy services work together to help the patient regain social, physical and emotional skills. Treatment components include medication management, individual and group therapy, recreational therapy, basic life skill enhancement, family education and support and placement assistance. The team’s overall goal is the patient’s healthy return to their community.

All Behavioral Health rooms are private and are equipped and designed for patient comfort.  Patients have access to a protected but open-air balcony that encourages patient socialization.   

Support Services

Angiography/Vascular Procedures (Interventional)

St. Charles Parish Hospital is proud to showcase our state-of-the-art Radiologic and Surgical Special Procedures room. This fully integrated digital subtraction equipment has the ability to allow our physicians to provide the latest minimally invasive procedures to our patients with the utmost safety and efficiency. Diagnostic and Interventional Angiography procedures include angiograms and stent placement.



The Cardiology Department features the latest in noninvasive diagnostic testing for Cardiovascular disease and a nationally certified Cardiac Rehabilitation Center.

Cardiac Ultrasound, also called Echocardiography, takes digital images of the heart in motion and transfers the images to a computerized station for the physician to review.

24-hour Holter Monitoring records every electrical heart beat.
Our patients appreciate one of the lightest and most comfortable heart monitors available.

Stress testing provides information about how a patient’s heart responds under stress. It is performed using a treadmill or may be induced with medication. Enhanced testing is performed using stress echocardiography or nuclear imaging.

The Cardiac Rehabilitation Program is nationally certified by AACVPR. The preventive education program and the medically supervised, individualized exercise program have benefited not only the newly diagnosed cardiac patients, but also patients searching to improve or maintain daily functioning for quality of life. Exercise may be monitored with telemetry depending on the patient’s condition.

Case Management

Our Case Management Nurse works closely with the healthcare team to ensure each patient receives the highest quality of care through effective and efficient use of resources. The Case Management Nurse assesses patient needs, assists physicians in providing information, and makes arrangements for discharge planning to a rehabilitation facility, nursing home, home health care, outpatient services, or home. The Case Management Nurse works closely with patients' managed care plans to provide necessary information related to each patient's stay.


DaVita Inc., a FORTUNE 500® company, is a leading provider of kidney care in the United States, providing dialysis services and education for patients with chronic kidney failure and end stage renal disease. The largest independent provider of dialysis services in the United States, DaVita® operates or provides administrative services at 1,530 outpatient dialysis facilities and acute units in approximately 720 hospitals, serving approximately 118,000 patients (as of Dec. 31, 2009).

DaVita consistently differentiates itself from other kidney care companies and surpasses national averages for clinical outcomes, and leads the nation in many key areas measuring quality dialysis care.

Phone: 985-331-1156
Centralized Scheduling: 985-785-4297
Outpatient Hours: 6:00 a.m. - 6:00 p.m.




Food and Nutrition Services

Proper nutrition is essential for wellness and recovery. Our Registered Dietician and Registered Dietetic Technician are specialists who perform initial screenings and develop meal plans to meet the individual nutritional needs of our patients. Working closely with the physicians, nursing staff and speech-language pathologists, individualized diet care plans are implemented to improve the patient’s health and promote healing. Patient and family education is a vital part of the patient care plan. Cultural/religious food preferences and other special food requests are honored with advance notice. Through therapeutic meals and nutrition education the Food and Nutrition Services Department strives to meet the comprehensive nutritional needs of each patient at St. Charles Parish Hospital.

Health Information Management

The Health Information Management (HIM) Department provides services related to obtaining, filing, maintaining and releasing medical information. Privacy and confidentiality are top priority at St. Charles Parish Hospital. Our staff observes all HIPAA regulations to ensure that health information is released only with appropriate authorization.

Imaging Services

With the growing need for advanced imaging procedures, we’ve upgraded our imaging equipment to be among the best available. St. Charles Parish Hospital’s Imaging Services Department offers a wide range of state-of-the-art radiological testing procedures providing physicians with invaluable diagnostic images. Information obtained through imaging services assists physicians with diagnoses, treatment and surgical planning.

Treatment areas are more easily targeted and the studies allow for more precise surgical guidance, minimizing damage to healthy tissues. The aesthetics of our imaging rooms, use of soothing music, and minimal procedure times enhance patient comfort during these procedures.

The following is a partial list of procedures available within our Imaging Department:

CT Scanning
CT scans combine the power of X-ray technology and computers, assisting the physicians in

the diagnosis of a variety of anatomical areas, including the spine, head, abdomen, chest and peripheral vascular system without the need for surgery. Our new CT scanner captures multiple wafer-thin images within seconds, reducing the exam time and provides exceptionally high-resolution images that help doctors to more accurately diagnose patients than ever before.

ct_scanner CT Scanner


The new MRI/MRA (Magnetic Resonance Imaging/Angiography) system features the most comprehensive clinical capabilities in the industry, which is critical for obtaining excellent image quality, providing optimal diagnostic capabilities. It not only performs routine procedures like brain and spine imaging, it also has the ability to perform advanced applications for vascular imaging.


Ultrasound uses sound waves to produce images for soft tissue evaluation for general, vascular (segmental pressures, pulse volume, duplex sonography, MRA, contrast angiography) and obstetrical applications.

Other radiology services include:
• General x-ray
• Mammography
• Nuclear Medicine
• Urological Procedures

Infection Control

Controlling the spread of infections is very important at SCPH.  Our Infection Control department monitors all infections to prevent them from spreading to other patients or employees.  We employ the latest information from the Centers for Disease Control, the Office of Public Health and other infection control organizations.  The best tool for the prevention of infections is proper hand hygiene techniques.


St. Charles Parish Hospital is dedicated to providing the best in patient care by obtaining and analyzing specimens. The information obtained from these tests assist doctors in diagnosing patients and developing the best treatment plan for the patient to promote speedy treatment and recovery. Laboratory services are available to both inpatients and outpatients for better diagnosis of disease and management of patient care.

Laboratory Services



St. Charles Parish Hospital Pharmacy provides comprehensive, 24-hour inpatient services. The pharmacist oversees all medication management and serves as a resource, providing drug information to other healthcare professionals and patients. The pharmacy staff works closely with physicians and healthcare providers to deliver the highest provision of pharmaceutical care for all patients. Pharmacy activities including review of medication orders and use, collecting and reporting of adverse drug reactions, medication use evaluations, and the use of standard dosage forms, result in achieving positive outcomes for our patients.

Rehab Services

At St. Charles Parish Hospital, our licensed physical therapists, occupational therapists and speech-language pathologists work as a team to meet the rehabilitation needs of our patients. We are committed to providing quality inpatient and outpatient care to patients of all ages and diagnoses. Individualized treatment plans help build strength, reduce pain, restore function and improve daily living.

Our rehab services include:
• Physical Therapy
• Occupational Therapy
• Speech-Language Pathology

We provide treatment for the following:
• Orthopedics
• Sports Injuries
• Back and Neck Pain
• Work-related Injuries - Our Rehab Services include physical, occupational and hand therapy programs, which emphasize progressing the injured employee to their maximum level of performance as it relates to their job demands in a safe and efficient manner.
• Spinal Cord Injuries
• Stroke
• Brain Injury
• Amputation
• Wounds
• Lymphedema
• Neurological Disorders
• Congenital Disabilities
• Communication Disorders
• Dysphagia

Specialized services also provided:
• Manual Therapy
• Hand Therapy
• Custom Splint Fabrication
• Wheelchair Seating
• Modified Barium Swallow Studies
• Functional Capacity Evaluations
• Post-Offer Screenings
• Pediatric Rehabilitation

Respiratory Services
The Respiratory Services Department of St. Charles Parish Hospital is committed to providing exceptional care when providing treatment for a variety of lung-related illnesses. Pulmonary function studies, blood gases, and breathing treatments are provided for both inpatients and outpatients.


St. Charles Parish Hospital | 1057 Paul Maillard Road | Luling, LA 70070 | (985) 785-6242 | (985) 785-3686 fax

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